Nationalkameratene Sportsklubb

Nationalkameratene Sportsklubb was one of 11 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Strindheim Cup 2019. They participated with 5 teams in Gutter 7 - 2011 and Gutter 8 - 2010 respectively.

Nationalkameratene originates from Trondheim, which is the same city as where Strindheim Cup takes place. The area around Trondheim does also provide 10 additional clubs participating during Strindheim Cup 2019 (Hommelvik IL, Byåsen IL, Strindheim il, Freidig, SPK, Trygg/Lade Sportsklubb, Ranheim IL, Heimdal Håndball, Sverresborg Håndballklubb, Charlottenlund Sportsklubb and Utleira IL).

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